"SurfHaiti.org is focused on improving the spiritual, physical, vocational, academic and social lives of Haitians."

Our strategy is to establish Jacmel, Haiti as a surf tourism destination. The surf industry generates billions of dollars in sales yearly and many developing nations have capitalized on development of a “surf culture” that provides jobs and a passion for environmental protection. The founders and volunteers of SurfHaiti.org have a passion for surfing, the ocean, the environment and seek to share our passion for the benefit of those less fortunate.

Surf Haiti in Magic Haiti Magazine

We are honored to be featured in Magic Haiti Magazine.

Magic Haiti in their own words:

Magic Haiti’s objective is to be a useful and entertaining publication for short and long term visitors alike. It will not be a touristic brochure to attract visitors to Haiti but rather one that assumes that its readers will have already overcome the numerous obstacles to travel to Haiti. So, our readers will already be in Haiti whatever their reasons to travel.

Surf Tourism

The goal of SurfHaiti is to create long-term economic opportunity through the establishment of Haiti as a sustainable surf tourism destination. Haiti has warm water, beautiful beaches, and plentiful uncrowded waves — all just a short flight from the USA. Haiti is well positioned to capitalize on the $7 billion per year American surf industry. 


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